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Welcome to Sheppard and Son Builders, a premier builder and landscaper in Hershey, PA.

With over 30 years of experience, Sheppard and Son Builders offers
custom designs and a professional execution inside and out.

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We have 5 lots available for single-family estate homes in our new Woodland Hills Development in Hershey, PA.

Contact one of our Re/max Pinnacle agents to learn more:
Rob Dalton: 717.951.0293, Bob Fox: 717.579.2434 View plot plan here >

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View our gallery of custom, professionially-executed home designs. Coming soon:

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View our gallery of smart, architecturally-accurate home additions that blend.
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Learn more about the lots and properties we have for sale, including:

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Ready to put your finishing touches on your new or renovated home? Visit www.sheppardandson/landscaping.

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